GVRC – Application Forms

GVRC – Application Forms

GVRC 2021 Camper Application

Important Information for GVRC 2021:

Given the results of our recent survey (thanks to all who submitted!) along with some recent changes in the NYS guidance for opening summer camps, we’ve determined that we can offer a full week of the Genesee Valley Rotary Camp!

Here are some important details for GVRC 2021:

  • Dates: drop-off on Sun. Aug. 15th and pick-up on Sat. Aug. 21st
  • Camp will be a full-week, overnight experience (like our typical operation). The survey revealed that a day camp isn’t possible for many families. All traditional GVRC activities will be occurring, some with modifications, in order to maintain safety for all. We have to follow all the guidance provided to us by NYS Dept. of Health, in order to receive our permit to operate this summer.
  • All campers 12 years of age and older will need to be fully vaccinated by August 1st. Note: All our staff will also be fully vaccinated.
  • Campers under 12 will need to have a negative (PCR) COVID test within 72 hours of arrival. We are working on providing this requirement for campers, with details TBA. These campers will be staying in the same small group and will have activities and meals together etc. to ensure safety.
  • Camper applications are now able to be completed and submitted. Please review the contents of the cover letter that’s included.

At this time, we’re only accepting former campers of GVRC who meet the requirements and apply. If this condition changes, we will update the application information.

IMPORTANT: Please let us know if you’re submitting an application. Click on the link below to send us a message about who is applying; camper(s) name and age(s). This way we can plan ASAP and not wait for a completed application. Thank you!

Send us your camper information >>

All accepted campers will receive more details about drop-off, the check-in process, COVID protocols, and other important details about GVRC this summer, once accepted. We will do our best to process camper applications as fast as possible.

We are very excited to again have GVRC. We do know however that the current conditions may make it so some campers can’t attend this year. We understand that this could be frustrating or even upsetting to some. The conditions in 2020 resulted in not having GVRC at all. For 2021, we have some limits and restrictions, but there is progress, as we can now have camp. We all hope that 2022 is the year that everything returns 100% with new campers, full capacity, and no restrictions!

Thank you for your interest in GVRC. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Brian Bartalo, Mark Van Durme, and Jan Green; Camp Administration


Note: For those applying online, look for an invite from CampDoc to apply online or you can print a copy and mail/fax it in.

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