Camp Packing List

Camp Packing List


List of things you will need at camp- please label everything:

  1.  Clothes – (jeans, shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, a jacket, and plenty of socks and underwear).
  2.  Extra sneakers, shoes and/or boots
  3.  Swimsuit
  4.  Rain gear (at least a poncho) – this is a must!!
  5.  Towels and a washcloth
  6.  Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush or comb etc.
  7.  Sleeping bag and a pillow (an extra blanket or two, is also suggested)
  8.  Flashlight and batteries
  9.  A bag to keep dirty laundry in
  10.  A bookbag or backpack (these have proven to be very helpful!)
  11. Medications and special needs equipment. The camp staff takes great care to be careful of expensive equipment such as dynavox’s or iPads for communication, feeding pumps etc. We prefer to use the equipment that your child is used to, in order to make them more comfortable at camp

A week at camp, with a variety of weather conditions, puts a real strain on dry, clean clothing. This is why it is so important to send kids to camp with enough clothes to last the week.

Do not to send any extra food or candy with campers to ensure the safety of all.

It is suggested that no valuables be brought to camp, as the staff cannot be responsible for the security of items in tents. Although we can secure medical equipment, items such as cell phones, radios etc.  Are the personal responsibility of your child. No money is needed at camp, so this should definitely be left at home. All camp costs are paid for by many area Rotary clubs.