A Message from Mr. Bart

Good mornin’ Camp!

Waaayyyyy up in the sky, the little birds fly…

Got some rain last night, so the grass was a little wet at flag this morning. Thanks for mowing those lines for the tribes Mr. Jim, that sure helps. That and a good pair of rain boots, right Mrs. Shari? :-)

The word of the day came to me last night as Marcia and I were sadly pulling out of Dansville on route home. Too early to be going back home during the start of a camp week, but it is what it is… (thanks Mr. Mark).

Today’s word is GRATEFUL

I couldn’t have felt more grateful about how the staff brightened our campers’ day yesterday. Let’s just say, it really sucks (and hurts quite frankly) to not be able to give our kids a week of GVRC. However, the GVRC staff brought smiles and some camp love to our amazing campers, even in a summer without camp. Thank you (again) for all who were able to help with the goodie bag project. Some helped in person, some with funds, some with positive thoughts and well-wishes. It all counts. I am grateful to the best staff around. So grateful.

Registration is now open for the Big Sky Golf Tournament on July 13, 2024! Visit golf.gvrc.org to register or sponsor! All proceeds benefit GVRC! @kaitlynhoag @hoag1093 ...

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(Funny post ahead)
Respect the Archery Specialists or we will make darkness consume the entire earth forever!

In case the world does end with today’s eclipse:
GVRC has been a true blessing in life and we are glad for the opportunity to work with all of you.

If the world does not end today we will see everyone in August!!

Mr. Jim, Terry & Wally too

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Tonight’s event has been postponed due to weather! Will post when new date is established! Thanks for understanding! ...

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Come out to support Mustang Madness in Dansville - March 22nd at 6:30PM - all proceeds benefit GVRC! ...

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Great turnout at the Livingston County special needs fair at ACS today! The GVRC table has some special guests! ...

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Thank you @greenfront for hosting the 50/50 raffle kickoff and to all those who came out to support gvrc!! 💙 ...

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Don’t forget to stop by The Green Front in Canandaigua for the 50-50 kick off fundraiser next Saturday, October 21st. Hope to see you there. 💙HIL ...

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So, be grateful today. Be grateful for something you have, not what you don’t. Be grateful that you are a part of a wonderful family, the GVRC family. That connection, the memories of past camp years, and looking forward to 2021, will hopefully make you feel grateful today.


Cammmmmmpppp… Disssss-misssssed!
(cover your ears, Howie is about to fire the cannon)

Mr. Bart