Word of the Day – Brave

Word of the Day – Brave

Aug 20, 2020

Thursday’s Note from Mr. Bart


Good morning Camp!

It’s Thursday. Our GVRC week would be winding down. Or in some ways… winding up!

Thursdays at camp are always unique. The day comes with all the preparations for skit night and the anticipation for the big dance on Friday night!

It’s also a day that tests us. Lines aren’t as straight at the flag ceremony. Have all the tribes even made it to the flag ceremony? On Monday we had most of the Specialists show up to flag and by Thursday… maybe 5 or 6? Hmmmm… I think to myself, maybe our camp staff is busy in other places around camp? Maybe there are camper issues to attend to? Maybe the pool was really cold and the polar bears are still in the showers? Maybe there’s trouble in the kitchen and the ovens aren’t working right and it could delay our breakfast pizza. Nooooooooo!! Is the yard sale having a special today? Maybe Clare has some fancy suits and dresses she’s hanging out on the porch for the dance and there’s a long line to try them on? Maybe the staff is tired? Naaahhhh, that can’t be it. These are some of the most energetic people I know. They can’t be tired…

Then, the chant starts. Double Rest. The familiar sounds begin to rise up… Double Rest, Double Rest! I shout out that we’re all looking forward to all the classes of the day. Arts and Crafts! Riflery! Music! Theme! Drama! Archery! The Pool! PE! Outdoors! Adventure! I call them all out to get the cheers going. I ask Shari to play each Specialist’s theme song. I try to get the campers all worked up about the Merit Race and the Color War. But to no avail… the chants are getting louder! DOUBLE REST! DOUBLE REST!! I give in… ok, there will be double rest. The campers and staff cheer wildly! Everyone is looking forward to a longer siesta today!

Hopefully, in the spirit of a GVRC Thursday, you find a way to rest your mind and your body today. Maybe Ms. Bonnie can send us a meditation? We can all use some time to go to the “happy place” in our minds. I know where I’ll go…

I’ve thought a lot about today’s word of the day. Believe it or not, it’s not rest. It’s not sleep. It’s not meditate or mindfulness. However, those are all wonderful things to consider today.

Today’s word of the day is BRAVE.

Be brave. We are in a time when we all have to be brave. We have to stay together and remain strong. The world is changing and there are so many challenges to face, so we must remain strong and brave. Being brave doesn’t just have to be about facing danger or being a hero. It can mean just taking on the challenges of the day. It could mean standing up for those who can’t. It may mean taking action for what you know is right, even when it’s not popular. In my years at GVRC, I have seen acts of bravery that inspire me. A camper who was afraid of dogs, petting one with the support of a loving counselor. A camper jumping into the deep end of the pool for the first time. A young rookie helping a camper with feeding and personal care. Counselors staying up all night to check on campers to make sure they are all safe and warm. Brave acts, all.

I hope you find a way to be BRAVE today.

And in spite of double rest day, I also ask that you remain woke.

Even when you may rest up and care for your mind and body in a relaxing manner, stay woke GVRC.


Here Is Love.
-Mr. Bart

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Have love in your hearts today my friends. Smile and glow in the knowledge that you have made a difference in a child's life, many many children's lives in fact, for your connection to GVRC. Thank you for that. You are loved. Keep loving GVRC, it's more than a 1 week summer camp.  -Mr. Bart #gvrc ...

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