Word of the Day – Hope

Aug 18, 2020

Tuesday’s Note from Mr. Bart

Mornin’ Camp!

It was a bit cool when I woke up today. So I pulled on my favorite camp hoodie to head out to walk Rudy. A warm sweatshirt on a cool August morning… now that is a camp feeling I know and love.

I could see it was a little foggy but the light blue sky peeking through the trees told me we’ll have a good day. Over by the bridge, I notice a small deer walking over to get a drink in the creek, which is a little low this year. I see the spiders worked their magic last night, as the rays of morning sun catch the water beads on the incredible maze of cobwebs across the rusty blue steel. I wonder if one of the campers will catch a fish from that bridge today during Outdoors class?

Next I head back up the path and hear laughter and shouting coming from the pool. It’s polar bear time and of course Mrs Angie’s got her tribe all lined up to be the first in. Mr Jim is getting ready to play the first music of the day before he takes his plunge in that chilly pool water. I’m guessing it’ll be “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”. It’s too early for “Chicken Fried”.

The nurses are busying about the Health Lodge making a second pot of coffee. They’ve been up for awhile already, getting the morning meds set. I hear all the strange and wonderful noises coming from Special, as I make my way up to the dining hall. There’s only one place in the world you can be when you hear those early morning sounds to start your day. The best place.

I woke up with camp love in my heart today. I hope you did too…


That is today’s word.

I hope you think of GVRC today and I hope it brings you a smile.

I hope you find peace in your camp thoughts.

I hope this world heals soon, so we can get back to the things we love; like being together with the people of GVRC at Camp Sam Wood.

I hope you you have a great day finding ways to keep you hopeful for a better tomorrow!

Here Is Love… and Hope!

PS – I hope we have camp bbq chicken for dinner tonight. With garlic roasted potatoes and corn on the cob. And Mr Kent’s chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Registration is now open for the Big Sky Golf Tournament on July 13, 2024! Visit golf.gvrc.org to register or sponsor! All proceeds benefit GVRC! @kaitlynhoag @hoag1093 ...

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(Funny post ahead)
Respect the Archery Specialists or we will make darkness consume the entire earth forever!

In case the world does end with today’s eclipse:
GVRC has been a true blessing in life and we are glad for the opportunity to work with all of you.

If the world does not end today we will see everyone in August!!

Mr. Jim, Terry & Wally too

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Tonight’s event has been postponed due to weather! Will post when new date is established! Thanks for understanding! ...

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Come out to support Mustang Madness in Dansville - March 22nd at 6:30PM - all proceeds benefit GVRC! ...

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Great turnout at the Livingston County special needs fair at ACS today! The GVRC table has some special guests! ...

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Thank you @greenfront for hosting the 50/50 raffle kickoff and to all those who came out to support gvrc!! 💙 ...

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Don’t forget to stop by The Green Front in Canandaigua for the 50-50 kick off fundraiser next Saturday, October 21st. Hope to see you there. 💙HIL ...

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