Friday at GVRC (Memories from Mr. Jim)

Friday (at GVRC):

Lots of tears this morning at flag.  Potential Graduates ceremoniously raise the flag.

It has hit, the week will soon end.

No time for shenanigans at lunch:  Rookie fly up.

The smell of moth balls is somewhat masked by all that after shave Mr. Joe has bathed in

Which new counselor has shown they too belong on one of the best staffs at a camp anywhere

The “in phrase” 24/7 is not just paid lip service here, it is the counselor motto.  ~ no gripes, no excuses, no jealousy ~  At GVRC, every counselor looks to fill every minute with something being done for a camper.  Everyone has the role, everyone does their job and more

Who has earned the privilege to be a veteran counselor at such a special place:  GVRC.

The boys from Genesee just sit quietly in their corner enjoying the show and smiling at the Out Post ladies.  Thinking about:

 The Dance

Welcome back Mr. Mike!!!!!!!

Showers for everybody!

How much beard will Mr. Mike have today?

As for Saturday, no report, can’t be dealt with    ~ the thought of campers graduating, camp coming to an end.

Thanks to Mr. Scott and all his Rotarian buddies in collusion with 70 or so caring dedicated members of the GVRC staff.

Buenos tacos everyone,

Mr. Jim